Psychology is my life's work
Marina Marinina
Psychologist • Coach • Reiki Master
I am an observant person in life and this helps a lot in my vocation. After all, when a person is confused and comes to you for help, common sense and observation are very important. I analyze each situation on the shelves, find the essence of the problem and its solution. Because if you work with the consequences, they will be constantly, and by eliminating the problem, you change your reality. So every consultation is a quantum leap in your consciousness.

I help people around the world to understand themselves, to become a happy person. In my Arsenal there are many different techniques that treat:
-childhood injuries
-self-limiting installations
-domestic violence
-psychological blocks
-negative attitudes and much more...
For me, a positive result of the client is very important and I guarantee that after my first consultation, your life will change.
— Marina Marinina
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Since 2005, I have been studying psychology in various fields. And I don't stop getting knowledge to this day. For me, each client is a person and the help is selected individually.
I sort everything out.
So there is always a result!
Marina Marinina
How can I help you
feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem, self-criticism, self-doubt, guilt, envy and resentment, anxiety and fears, stress, excitement, depression, apathy, burnout, aggression, bad mood, lack of trust.

loss of meaning in life; stress due to strong changes in life (moving to another job, wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child, moving); spiritual crises; death of a loved one; experiencing a serious illness.
Psychotrauma received in childhood; rape and sexual abuse; physical and psychological violence in the family; psychological violence at work; facing extremely difficult life situations.
relationships do not work out; conflicts in a couple, quarrels, resentments in a relationship; partner's infidelity; emotional dependence on a partner; separation experience, unhappy love; difficulties in the sexual sphere.
self-rejection, difficulties related to one's sexual orientation or gender identity; facing internal and external homophobia, biphobia, transphobia; cuming out and outing; difficulties related to the sexuality or gender identity of a family member or friend.
The psychologist is faced with treatment for psychosomatic pain, usually after the patient has been unsuccessfully seeking help in hospitals for months. Specialized specialists, having tried various drugs and techniques, and not getting any visible improvement, are sent to a psychologist.
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My clients ' reviews ❤️
Ekaterina, 54 years old
I had a difficult relationship with my husband. He was slowly getting drunk, I didn't know what to do. Heart-to-heart conversations, tears, and persuasions didn't work for long. I tried to find a psychologist to help me get a divorce, but in the process, my relationship with my husband returned to normal. Thank you, Marina.
Anna,32 years old
Before the conversion, I suffered and could not understand why. I didn't see the real reasons for my problems. I was not taught how to live or give advice at a psychologist's consultation, I was taught to dig into reality. That was enough. At first, it was not easy to get used to talking to a psychologist online, but believe me, after 3 consultations, it looks more than natural.
Kristina,28 years old
Do not underestimate Skype consultations with a psychologist! For a long time I could not decide on an online Skype consultation, and unfortunately I did not have time to meet with a psychologist personally. Your help online was invaluable and at the right time. Thank you so much for your wisdom!
Olga,41 years old
I am very happy with my treatment and the results of working with you. For many years I could not cure depression, took antidepressants, went to a lot of psychologists and it seemed that there was no way out already. Classical medicine didn't help. Only You, with your competent and attentive approach, were able to help me and restore my desire to live. Now, again, as many years ago, I enjoy every day of my life. It was not easy and I am grateful to Marina for her patience.
Maria,38 years old
I sought help from a psychologist to learn how to manage my emotions. At first, I felt completely helpless, and guilt literally ruled my life. I clearly understood that I wanted to do something about it, that I needed to change, but I couldn't cope with my problem alone, I didn't know where to start. From the very first meeting, I liked Marina's versatile approach, her support and understanding, and I realized that she was the right specialist for me. Marina was able to show me that I was actually hiding from my emotions, living with too many expectations and disappointments, instead of just being "here and now".I completely changed my vision of the problem, and saw new solutions that I could not even imagine before. I got to know myself better and realized that it is the variety of emotions that makes my life brighter and fuller.
Anastasia,25 years old
Passed with the four-year-old son at Marina a course of psychotherapy. Marina is an excellent specialist, easy to communicate and serious in her work. Instantly finds a common language with the child. Our problem completely disappeared after a couple of months, but the positive shift was felt after a few classes. We are very happy with the result, because the doctors were not able to solve the problem before. It's nice to see when the child changes before your eyes and the problem itself goes away. And most importantly, in the course of classes, you take out a lot of useful things for yourself and change with the child. Given that recently more and more diseases have a psychological basis, the benefits of working with a psychologist are undeniable. Look for the problem of malaise is not only on the physical level, but also in parallel in the mental sphere.
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