Certified Reiki Master Specializing in Energy Healing.
By connecting with spiritual guidance, Marina connects with spiritual energy to
help in detecting imbalances, ailments in the body, mind, spirit (mental, physical, emotional body), to shift any imbalanced frequency to balanced positive frequencies for the natural state of the body and happiness.
When releasing energy blocks, disturbances within the body, restoring the balance of the chakras and the mental body.
Striving for further development, Marina studied with many spiritually strong people. The first teacher is of course a grandmother, she helped people for many years and healed them and found the right ways to solve their problems. Marina is a hereditary healer.
"It was hard in childhood to cope with this force, thanks to learning and studying meditations, energy techniques, the teachings of Reiki, I now also treat people, but now I do it without harm to myself. My learning path was long and versatile. I know how to clear someone else's energy from negativity, how to direct energy to healing.I created my own school, where I teach people to help and heal themselves."
Over the past 20+ years, Marina has taken many courses on development, intuitive energy, psychological healing, psychosomatics.
Marina was always called to help and identify herself as a healer.
My name is Marina.
I am a master of 5 different Reiki:
Lunar Reiki,
money Reiki,
Reiki Second half,
Kundalini Reiki
Traditional Reiki.
Constantly practicing Reiki sessions, it is a great joy for me to see how people become happier before my eyes, from the fact that there is a solution to their problem that has been dragging on for years. That from hatred with which they come to love and gratitude for a second, as their problems with health, relationships, money are solved ...

I help people from all over the world deal with their problems, through video communication, through photos. How convenient. With my Reiki sessions, I work wonders, as my clients say.