After Treatment

Emotional~Physical~Spiritual Cleanse
The effects experienced vary on the individual and background.

Rest and drink plenty of water.

You might feel dehydrated, or have a dry mouth, this is all normal.

For a minimum of 3 days after the treatment drink 64oz of water to keep cleansing the emotions.

You may also have interesting dreams, this is another way the brain releases. You want to be very gentle with yourself. Take an Epsom salt bath with your favorite fragrance, take a walk, put your feet in the grass, and get sunlight and fresh air.

As your frequency lifts and changes, you may become very sensitive to the energies around you. Try your best for at least 24 hours after 1st -3rd treatment not to be around negative environments, people, or any intense conversations.

It's Recommended "Do Not" make any important, major decisions for the next few days, even a week if it can wait. You might regret your decision once the emotions have cleared. During the treatments, we open up unresolved memories, emotions, and past experiences to allow them to be released. As they clear it's best to be aware that sometimes what we are seeing, thinking, and feeling is not actually about the situation/person who's in front of us. We are processing "ALOT" of emotions and memories from our past, sometimes childhood. Sometimes we don't see this until it's too late

Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Cleanse

⁠⁠As these memories, and emotions clear it's best to go through the cleansing by writing, crying, screaming into a pillow, long walks, dancing to your favorite music, and most importantly sleeping. Sleep is the fastest way to process and release. This is also an excellent sign of extreme relaxation and that the healing is Working!

The mind and body hold onto certain restrictions, beliefs, and traumas until they are comfortable and ready to be released.

Positive Effects of Having a Sound Frequency Reiki Healing:

  • Health improvement
  • Increased energy
  • Positive thoughts/release of trauma/ increased gratitude
  • More radiant health
  • Looking younger/better body image
  • More delight in life's moments
  • Increased joy & energy
  • Improved relationships (and love life)
  • Better sleep
  • Improved communications
  • Increased resources for serving others
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved abundance & prosperity
  • Sharper intuition
  • Feeling very calm and peaceful
  • Relief of pain, aches in the body
  • Relief of ailment in the body
  • Laughter!

These are just a few of the changes you may experience. Sound Reiki healing is about eliminating negative energy and making room for more positive energy. Energy heals all of you, so you can expect to feel these changes in your body, mind, and spirit. Improvements in relationships, more focus, better memory, and more physical energy – all these can be part of your energetic healing journey

As the mind and body relax it releases the held tensions, cycles which can be from stress, anxiety, thought patterns that could have been there since childhood.

Possible Uncomfortable Effects That May Arise from Having Sound Frequency Reiki Healing:

What you're probably really looking for is what it feels like to have a Sound Frequency Reiki healing, and whether the experience will be uncomfortable or frightening.

While energy healing shouldn't be uncomfortable, you may experience some "odd symptoms" during or shortly after your healing session. Clients have mentioned the following as temporary side effects of energy healing:

Energy Surges In Different Parts Of The Body

This is because energy has been static in your body. An energy healing session causes it to move to where it is needed. You can actually feel this shifting energy as it moves, so don't be alarmed. It is a normal part of the process. Energy, like nature, abhors a vacuum, so as negative energy is cleared, positive energy wants to flow into the empty spaces.

Feeling Highly Energic, Like Energy Bubbling Or Zinging Around

This is essentially the same as the sensation above and has its roots in the same effects. Once your healer has drawn energy to different parts of your body, you may feel a bubbling sensation or tingling, twitches, and spasms in the places that were worked on. A feeling as though something is moving very quickly throughout your body.

Ironically, while this can be a good feeling, it can also be discomfiting for some when you're new to energetic healing. You may find exercise is a good way of addressing this sensation. Burning physical energy can help manage the surge in positive emotional and spiritual energies.

Yawning, Fatigue, Or A Temporary Feeling Of Being Drained Of Energy

It is a normal part of extreme relaxation.

Mood Swings Or Surges Of Emotion Such As Sadness, Regret, Anger, Or Joy

Our minds and bodies can often resist the loss of negative energy. Also, if we have lived with negative energy for a long time, the loss of this energy can result in dramatic mood swings as our minds and spirits learn how to cope – ironically – with not feeling beaten down. Negative energy can feel as though it has a life of its own, and it may appear to fight back as your healer draws it out.

Negative energy can come from past trauma, pain, stress, and other feelings that sap our strength. As these aspects of you lose their hold, you may find that part of you mourns the loss. Let these sensations go.

Flu-like Symptoms "Take Days' Rest"

This typically indicates that your body is adjusting to the changes in your energy. However, if these symptoms persist for more than a week, you may have caught a virus at some point around the time of your energy healing session. In this case, contact your physician.

Burping, Gas, Increased Urination, Or Other Digestive Symptoms:

Changes in the mind and spirit can have dramatic impacts on the physical body. This is how stress works: it is a physiological reaction to an emotional cause. As stress and other negative energies are cleared, your mind and body must adjust to their new reality.

Keep in mind, that similar effects can occur when you do something as simple as a slight change to your diet. Adding more fiber or dark vegetables will force a response in your gut flora, causing indigestion changes. As with this kind of change, a shift in your energy takes time to get used to.

Other side effects you may encounter, which indicate that you are adjusting to the change in your energy, are:

  • Sneezing
  • Sweating, chills
  • Tingling or swirls of energy perceptible within your body
  • Disturbed sleep patterns or vivid dreams
  • Dizziness/feelings similar to Vertigo
  • Memory flashbacks

All of these side effects can be part of the process of having your spiritual energies shifted into healthier patterns. As with conventional medicine, discomfort may be a component of healing. (Surgery to remove a cancerous tumor can be painful, even though the tumor may cause no discomfort at present.) Fundamentally, most side effects you may experience indicate a shift in how the energy moves through your body and spirit. As time goes on, you will find that you adjust to these changes.

What Should I Do If I Have Uncomfortable Symptoms After My Energy Healing:

These symptoms after energy healing are usually fairly mild and indicate there's been a release – mentally, physically, spiritually, or energetically. As with any healing crisis or shift, drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest can help relieve these symptoms quickly. Walking outside, getting sunlight, put your feet in the grass, journaling, exercise, soaking in Epsom salt baths, and rest.

How many Treatments?
Depending on the reason for seeking a healing treatment. You may need 1 or a series of treatments.

3 to 6 treatments with 1 to 2 weeks apart are recommended. Once you see yourself improving you can space out treatments to once a month or six weeks apart.

By allowing at least 1 week in between treatments creates space for you to consciously and subconsciously process the treatment.

Each additional treatment is going deeper on clearing negative vibrations, irritation, feelings of unhappiness, feelings of being imbalanced, and changing the body-mind-spirit to frequencies of positive, calmer, happier feelings, inspiration, joy, clearer thinking, and balanced mind. Tuning into your vibration.

Clients have reported that by having weekly/biweekly treatments they have a deeper connection to their higher self, spiritual self, have clearer thinking, senses heighten (taste, sounds, feel, hear, vision improved) Intuition heightens, pains & ailments dissolve.
A positive perspective on themselves, feel & look younger. Relationship changes, career changes, feelings of happiness, clearer thinking, positive well-being, positive outlook on the future.

For any questions or concerns, Please text Marina at 929-920-7009,

If you feel you need immediate medical attention or in case of emergency, please contact your doctor directly or visit your local Emergency Department.